Our services include consulting, assessment, and planning of all service phases, expert monitoring, and overall site management, as well as project management in the following (service) departments:

Civil Engineering

Our planning spectrum includes all aspects of civil engineering work from conventional underground engineering work to multi-layered landfill planning, from extensive earthwork to detailed construction site clearance, from the excavation of small-scale soil contamination to the complex remediation of legacy pollution and landfills … read more

Landfills, Recycling & Environmental Facilities

Gibs geologen + ingenieure possesses extensive experience in the construction, remediation, closing, and maintenance of landfills for municipal waste, hazardous waste, and inert waste. Gibs geologen + ingenieure is able to provide all required partial services … read more

Soil Protection & Water Management

In the face of today’s continually changing environmental and economic conditions (keyword climate change), numerous situations exist that involve unique challenges relating to soil protection and water management. Gibs geologen + ingenieure has addressed these challenges ….  read more

Natural Resources Management & Environmental Informatics

Our experts possess the know-how required to address our clients’ needs relevant to natural resources management, e.g. surveys, management and development planning, and approval management related to construction projects …  read more

Department for Contaminated Sites & Legacy Pollution

We offer all services related to the exploration, assessment, and remediation of legacy pollution, land recycling, remediation planning according to the BBodSchG, and remediation management … read more

Environmental Consulting & Renewable Energies

In order to provide additional incentives for firms to invest in environmental protection, the implementation of suitable measures is supported by grants, loans, etc. provided by various … read more