Soil Protection & Water Management

In the face of today’s continually changing environmental and economic conditions (keyword climate change), numerous situations exist that involve unique challenges relating to soil protection and water management. Gibs geologen + ingenieure has addressed these challenges for over 20 years, providing effective professional solutions specifically tailored to our clients.

Soil Protection

Soil mapping
  • Planning and performance of soil surveys according to the Pedological Mapping Instructions (Bodenkundliche Kartierungsanleitung, KA 5) along specified grids or as conceptual soil mapping. The results are documented in maps (GIS) and databases and assessed in terms of soil erosion, water and nutrient balance, and soil degradation.
  • Planning and performance of soil sampling and in-situ tests aimed at determining the relevant soil parameters
Soil Erosion
  • Empirical assessment of soil erosion using the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE, Wischmeier et al.) and/or the German General Soil Loss Equation (ABAG, Schwertmann et al.) and the erosion risk according to the Federal Soil Protection Act (BundesBodenSchutzGesetz, BBodSchG) and/or the Federal Soil Protection Ordinance (BundesBodenSchutzVerordnung, BBodSchV).
  • In specific cases, soil erosion may also be simulated employing the physically-based Erosion-3D software (GeoGnostics)
In-Situ Tests
  • Performance of soil compaction measurements using the Eijkelkamp penetrologger
  • Determination of water conductivity (k value) in the borehole (Percol test) or at the surface (double ring infiltrometer), e.g. as a design criteria for decentralized percolation systems (alternative stormwater management)
  • Determination of soil moisture content using TDR probes

Water Management

Exploration and Monitoring Programs
  • Employment of remote sensing technology (satellites, aerial images)
  • Planning, supervision, and assessment of geophysical methods used at the surface level (elecromagentic, geoelectric, seismic methods, and georadar) and in the subsurface (borehole geophysics)
  • Performance and assessment of hydrological mapping and surveys according to the EU WFD (waterbody/watercourse structure and morphology)
  • Performance and assessment of GPS measurements with sub-meter accuracy
  • Performance and assessment of flow rate measurements at surface waterbodies/watercourses employing various hydrometric methods (e.g. current meter measurement)
  • Planning, contracting, and supervision of programs exploring groundwater (groundwater monitoring wells and wells) or surface waterbody/watercourse conditions
  • Planning, performance, and assessment (HydroTec V 6-0 Pro) of hydraulic tests (pumping tests; aquifer tests; slug, bail, drill stern, and water pressure tests, and immission pumping tests IPV)
  • Planning, performance, and assessment of tracer tests
  • Preparation of hydrological and hydrogeological expert reports
Water Resources Management
  • Support with approval procedures (Water Act, Bavarian Water Act), and coordination with competent authorities
  • Hydraulic dimensioning of well casings by numerical groundwater modeling (Processing Modflow, PM 8, FE-Flow)
  • Planning, contracting, and supervision of well drilling projects aimed at water development
  • Preparation of hydrogeological expert reports incl. the designation of water protection areas and taking into account the Water Protection Ordinance
Flood Protection
  • Performance of measurements and field surveys at waterbodies/watercourses
  • GIS-based assessment of baseline data (digital terrain model, aerial image, land use according to ATKIS or CORINE) in order to determine and parameterize properties of waterbodies/watercourses and watersheds)
  • Performance of precipitation/runoff modeling using the floodwater analysis and floodwater computation software of the Karlsruhe University (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, KIT) or HEC-HMS
  • Performance of either one-dimensional (HEC-RAS,) or two-dimensional (Hydro_AS-2d) hydrodynamic flow-rate modeling
  • Determination and designation of floodplains
  • Preparation of integral floodwater protection concepts and floodwater maps according to the EC Floods Directive (Directive 2007/60/EC) and guidelines regarding financial assistance for water management projects (RZWas)
Municipal Water Management
  • Dimensioning (A-138 XP) and planning of alternative stormwater management systems according to ATV-A 138 and ATV DVWK M153
  • Hydrodynamic modeling of sewage systems (HYSTEM-EXTRAN)
  • Dimensioning and planning of water drainage structures/systems in underground construction