Landfills, Recycling & Enviromental Facilities

Gibs geologen + ingenieure possesses extensive experience in the construction, remediation, closing, and maintenance of landfills for municipal waste, hazardous waste, and inert waste. Gibs geologen + ingenieure is able to provide all required partial services related to landfills, recycling, and environmental facilities.

Since waste disposal should only be resorted to in cases where all other options have been exhausted, we explore new alternatives that aim at minimizing waste in favor of waste reutilization. Products generated from reclaimed material are considered the optimal solution from an ecological and economic perspective.

In terms of disposal management and remediation of legacy pollution, the long-standing experience we have gained in the planning, construction, and operation of environmental facilities constitutes but one of Gibs’ core competencies.

Landfill Construction
  • Planning and construction supervision of new landfills, landfill expansion, closings and revegetation, incl. all technical facilities, e.g. leachate collection and treatment systems, active and passive degassing systems, landfill gas utilization systems
  • Preparation of required health and safety plans, and, if required, appointment of a health and safety coordination according to Art. 3 of the Construction Site Ordinance
  • Waste emplacement plans, operating plans, and quality assurance plans for landfill structures
Landfill Monitoring/Landfill Maintenance
  • Planning, service, and operation of leachate and gas collection systems
  • Performance of surface and emission inspections (FID inspection)
  • Preparation of annual landfill registers
  • Performance of pumping and gas extraction tests
  • Performance of groundwater, leachate, and trace gas analyses; soil air measurement
  • Operation, monitoring, and service of treatment and remediation facilities
Disposal Management
  • Preparation of industrial and municipal disposal management concepts
  • Performance of surveys and market analysis
Environmental Facilities
  • Determination of requirements and development of accordingly tailored concepts, planning, contracting, and supervision of construction of technical facilities including the following:
    • Treatment systems for groundwater and surface water characterized by various degrees of contamination (e.g. explosive compounds (EC), VHH, BTEX, heavy metals, organic de-icing agents for airfields, etc.)
    • Leachate treatment facilities
    • Facilities for the treatment, classification, and drainage of contaminated soil/soil aggregates (soil washing, microbial treatment, sifting, solid-liquid separation)
    • Treatment facilities for groundwater and surface water (activated carbon filters, stripping facilities, precipitation-coagulation, reverse osmosis, soil filters, constructed wetlands)
  • Performance of feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses for innovative remediation and treatment methods
  • Planning and performance of approval procedures, incl. preparation of water permit, environmental impact assessment, accompanying landscape plans, etc.