Environmental Consulting & Renewable Energies

In order to provide additional incentives for firms to invest in environmental protection, the implementation of suitable measures is supported by grants, loans, etc. provided by various organizations. Gibs geologen + ingenieure services in this area – from identifying suitable sources of financial assistance to preparing the necessary application documents – are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Gibs geologen + ingenieure is also active in the field of environmental consulting. The scope of services comprises prevention and protection, environmental due diligence, innovative environmental technologies, and geothermal energy

(Environmental) Due Diligence
  • Identification of contamination in subsoil and building stock
  • Determination of remediation and/or disposal costs
  • Identification of relevant liability risks
  • Inspection of facility regarding implementation of environmental requirements and limitations
  • Identification of product liability risks and environmentally relevant planning risks
Preventive Environmental Protection
  • Performance of baseline surveys and determination of elements potentially effecting the ecosystem as well as the need for action
  • Development of management recommendations and plans aimed at implementation of the recommendations
  • Development of projects aimed at reducing costs and enhancing/improving environmental protection
  • Planning and preparation of bidding documents including scope of services
  • Implementation planning
  • Development of GIS-based systems for monitoring and management purposes
Stormwater and Groundwater Utilization
  • Conservation of drinking water through stormwater utilization and use of in-house groundwater monitoring wells
  • Planning of systems aimed at utilizing groundwater (pumps and distribution), e.g. in cooling water cycles or as irrigation water for green spaces
  • Investition associated with the alternative utilization of stormwater/groundwater
Studies Aimed at Waste Reduction and Waste Utilization
  • Baseline survey of a wide range of facilities regarding waste reduction potential and waste disposal options
  • Description and comparison of technologies available on the market and selection of suitable technology
  • Installation, monitoring, analysis, and documentation of field tests
  • Assessment/analysis and recommendations regarding further course of action
Surface-near Geothermal Energy
  • Performance of baseline survey/feasibility study
  • Discussion of currently available financing sources
  • Planning and approval management of small-scale and large-scale facilities of geothermal energy collectors, geothermal probes, and geothermal wells according guideline 4640 of the Association of German Engineers LfU bulletin no. 3.7/2, Water Act, Bavarian Water Act, and standard 384/6 of the Association of Swiss Engineers and Architects (SIA)
  • Design and dimensioning of facilities using EED 3.0, EWS, and GED 2.0 software
  • Supervision of construction of geothermal energy system and its horizontal connection
Removal of Surface Sealing from Industrial Areas
  • Projects aimed at promoting the percolation of precipitation from areas by removing surface sealing: cost-benefit analysis
  • Investition in the removal of surface sealing to promote percolation
Photovoltaic Systems
  • Utilization of fallow industrial and roof areas: cost-benefit analysis
  • Feasibility study incl. cost estimation
  • Revision of existing infrastructure (infeed/supply, system protection) and review of system for approvability
  • Consultation in terms of financial options and identification of potential investors in consideration of the fact that the owner will receive proceeds from leasing the photovoltaic system
  • Design and contracting of overall system
  • Registration with electric utilities (EVU)
  • On-site site management and supervision of system start-up
  • Costs for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of commercial/industrial structures and fallow free spaces (particularly landfills)
  • Leasing and maintenance of photovoltaic systems including suitability test in terms of radiation intensity